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Welcome to Ontario Travel

Ontario Travel Rugged Bruce PenninsulaThere are many highlights and good deals to be found while traveling in Ontario. Our hotels  and restaurants are some of the best in the world.  This site provides stories and links about, and to various things of interest for people who plan on traveling in Ontario. 

By no means is this a complete list but consider it a jumping off point. I will be including some of my favorite romantic getaways in Ontario, as well as some of yours.

Whether it is a link to Weather in Canada or Womens Outdoor Wear you may find it here.

Ontario is a huge province and is incredibly diverse. We have major cities that can provide you with any type of night life or cultural experience. Ontario also boasts some vast untouched wilderness which those with a true sense of adventure may wish to explore. For those of us who prefer the middle road we have the pastoral land of rural Ontario, with the small towns and shops.

There are many delights to explore in your leisure time. I will try to touch on a few. The landscape in Ontario is as diverse as the people. We have the Niagara escarpment cutting through southern Ontario from Niagara Falls to Tobermory. This rugged piece of land has hiking trails all along it and should be enjoyed and respected. The plains around Chatham and Kent have an oil and gas production history that predates Alberta's.

East to Belleville and Picton where the climate once helped apple orchards thrive and now is one of the up and coming grape and wine areas. As you stretch north we come to the Canadian Shield and the many lakes and mountains associated with it. Many are inviting for fishing or canoeing. Algonquin Park is just one of many parks that should be experienced anytime of year. Further north is a huge expanse of water, rock and trees, that are broken by welcoming pockets of civilization.
We are beginning to discover Travel Ontario. The past decade many towns and Ontario resort areas have realized that tourism can have a huge economical impact. This boost to the economy can impact the major resorts and lodges and trickles down to the mom and pop bed and breakfast owner's of Ontario. The Ontario accommodation industry feels the greatest impact from these travel destinations.
Look at the increase in the number of towns participating in Canada Blooms Contest. The past ten years has seen a growing awareness in Ontario communities that their small corner of the world can be a travel destination. Each community has a special landscape, history, festival, or cultural highlight that it can share. It usually requires polishing up the appearance of the town etc., and then promoting to a broad sweep of people. Of course the Internet has become a huge vehicle for the promotion of these Ontario travel destinations.
Many out of the way Ontario treasures become known as romantic getaway destinations. The old standby was Niagara Falls. Now many people look to Muskoka and further north for a romantic weekend. Many Ontario accommodations court couples romantic retreats. Some may be as simple as a rustic cabin on the side of a lake. Others a full decadent spa treatment. Some of the bed and breakfasts in Ontario are creating honeymoon or second honeymoon packages to cater to the growing need for couples to reconnect with each other.
The different pages of this site cover areas of interest to me with regard to travel in Ontario. I welcome your travel stories about places of interest in Ontario, romantic getaways, outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or unique city experiences.

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